2010 January

One of the most burning problems demanding the increased attention is the visual loop problem, also including the consequences of the personal computer often use. Spending much time doing a monotonous work, without the types of activity change leads to either shortsightedness or long-sightedness progression.

If a person is shortsighted, then his eye oblique muscles are constantly toughened and the straight ones are loosened. If a person is long-sighted, then everything is vice versa: the eye straight muscles are toughened and the oblique ones are loosened. According to the Doctor W.Bayts methodology, the key conditions during the eyesight correction are the eye muscles relaxation and training. Namely they get the good eyesight back to the eyes.

The OAED device consists of the different dioptres lens, which make certain eye muscle groups toughen and loosen, by this recovering their natural state. 12 different dioptres lens are situated in the device's case and automatically interchange in the 2-3 minutes period, making the eye toughen and loosen its muscle pairs alternatively by this recovering the normal eyesight.

Materials: Plastic and glass

Client: Ukrainian National Center of Ophthalmology

2010 Red Dot Design Award in concept design