2010 February

This bath's shape is designed in such a way, that the maximum comfort and privacy can be achieved in the easiest way. Also, it can be used by two persons at a time, if desired.

During the water procedures process the stimulation of at once four out of five known human senses: eyesight, sense of smell, sense of touch and sense of hearing is performed. And all of it is realized with the help of the scents, music, tactile and visual perception.

The bath is equipped with the innovative system, which consists of the removable cartridges with various components, which vary from the sea salt to the aromatic oils and perfume. The bath's remote control, which is mounted on its side panel, allows to approach the bathing process individually: to easily adjust the desired water temperature, water supply rate, hydro-massage jets modes, select music, choose oil or perfume for aromatherapy.

The concealed taps for the bath silent water filling are placed on its walls from the two sides. This helps to distribute the water flows more evenly, and the extraneous sounds blocking is achieved by the water dripping on the bath's sides.

Materials: Composite

2010 Red Dot Design Award, in product design.

2010 Design and Design. Paris, France.