2011 June

It is an experiment, in which we combined the origami art, challenging geometry, details accurateness with the non-waste production philosophy.

The lamp’s image deep consideration stimulated us to make an irregular light source search, which would make up a single whole with its form. We succeeded to find such a balance in the lamp’s geometry, which in combination with the light emitting diodes creates an almost magic effect.

The light source, which is situated inside the lamp under the upper rib, is almost not seen from any line of sight. At this the light is diffused evenly and it does not irritate the eyes. On the lamp’s bottom there is the orange plastic, which reflects the luminescence more effectively, serving as an accent and creating a warm atmosphere in the interior.

The lamp’s casing is produced of the elastic steel bar, bent into the intentionally calibrated angles. This allows this lamp’s manufacturing out of the one piece bar, without any needless wastes.

Materials: Steel, plastic.

Client: Roche Bobois. Paris, France.